RAMICOM is an experiment in computer hardware design, whether it be adapter cards or complete systems, this site contains information, schematics and some source code of projects I am experimenting with.

RAMICOM simply stated means: RAw MIcro COMputer - raw being the most basic form of micro computer design. These are not Windows or Macintosh based computers, these are systems designed from the ground up. CPU's, RAM chips, LCD's, Eproms, I/O, expansion ports, the BIOS, everything is custom designed with a specific goal - to make a small, raw, but fully functional computer capable of being programmed and utilized as a general purpose machine.

The first experimental design is RAMICOM V1.0 - this is a small 16 bit system utilizing the 65816 based CPU. Other future versions of a RAMICOM system will use different CPU's or combination of components.

I hope in the future to be able to make it possible for other people to post their own designs as well (although they won't necessarily be "RAMICOM" series designs, if they were custom designed they fit in the true spirit of this site).

Anyone who is interested may build the designs, complete burned versions of eprom or FPGA chips can be made available to whomever wants them.

To be honest, this is a new website for the project. The original project website that I had many years ago vanished when the ISP I had it hosted at died - all I had at the time were my original text notes and photos because I was using their (the ISPs) CMS system so I couldn't carry forward the layout.