Ramicom 1.0 Overview

RAMICOM V1.0 is the first experiment I am performing in designing and building a microcomputer from the ground up.

Version 1.0 is a small system based upon the 65816 CPU by The Western Design Center. It was and is still a very common chip, having been developed in the '80's, it was utilized in a variety of home computers as well as game systems.
Some of the systems that used this fairly simple CPU include:

  • The SNES (for those too young to remember - the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • The Apple ][gs, the last of the Apple ][ line
  • Accelerators made for the Commodore 64

It is a fairly easy to use CPU that can operate in 16bit or 8 bit mode as well as operate in 6502 emulation mode which made it compatible with a wide variety of software.

Please use the links under Ramicom 1.0 to learn more about the system.