V1.0 Features

This little computer will have a variety of features. Many of which has been stripped due to overcomplexity in an initial design.

Any feature claiming to be in "upper" address space of any kind means it is located above the 0-64K range in address space. The 0-64K is part of Zero page, or called direct page. For my description purposes, I am calling this the lower 64K, anything above this range is considered by me "upper". This is not a term you would probably see on other sites dealing with the 65816, but when describing this to some people, it was easier for them to understand "lower" and "upper", and it has rather stuck with my descriptions since then.

Here is the current list:

  • 65816 CPU running at 4-10MHz
  • 64K base ram, able to upgrade to near full 16 meg address space (some space taken by eprom, I/O, simple storage, etc., ~13.5 meg available to user)
  • 8K base eprom containing basic drivers and monitor app.
  • 128K - 256K of "upper" eprom space for added built in features
  • Custom set of FPGA's for address decoding allowing for efficient memory usage
  • Memory mapped I/O
  • 2x20 Base text LCD to give general system info and current status
  • 240x128 Graphic LCD w/ 40x16 text mode as main display
  • Multiple expansion slots, some via 6522's, some via direct memory maps for use of larger chunks of the memory space
  • 2x RS232 ports
  • PS/2 keyboard interface
  • Real time clock
  • 2 Meg battery backed up static ram to act as simple storage (is located in the upper portion of the 16 meg address space
  • 11 Interrupts capable within the system with simple priority address decoding to handle interrupts in an efficient manner
  • Runs on a 5v DC supply

Some of these features have been implemented in the current version as it stands; some have not yet been implemented. The list above was the complete list of the intended implementation for version 1.0